Advertising studies have shown that aerial based advertising has a higher consumer recall and rentention rate versus other forms of advertising.

The Goodyear airship has proven the effectiveness of electronic night aerial advertising. There are other airships now in existence and several more being constructed at an estimated cost of 3 to 5 million dollars. The typical advertising cost on this type of airship is $250,000 per month.

The Sky Sign display system serves the same audience as airships at a fraction of the cost, providing an increased profit margin for the operator.

Since the majority of aircraft sit at night, the entry level cost to establish a full or part time business is minimal. A successful operator wiil pay for the initial investment in just a few nights of advertising.

Advancements in our sign system include new LED technology and remote communication, allowing you to control the sign from the ground using a phone or tablet.


Once you have decided to purchase our aerial sign system, we will require a 20% deposit and then assign a delivery date.


The Sky Sign system includes everything to install and operate the sign system.

  • LED sign and all attachment hardware
  • LED sign controller module
  • Notebook computer and Windows application software


The sign system is $22,500, plus the cost of crating and shipping.

If an STC is required, add $2,500. An STC is not required if you are able to obtain field approval from the FAA.

If you wish to the add the premium mobile package, including ground control, GPS positioning and Android based app software, add $3,500.
* requires purchase of a tablet from your local wireless provider with 3G/4G/LTE service. 7" samsung galaxy tab 4 recommended.


We stand by the integrity of our system and guarantee it for one year.