5 STCs, including Cessna 172, Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Enstrom and Hughes 300 Schweizer 269
Sky Sign System

What are the dimensions of the installed sign?

The installed sign is 8 feet x 36 feet.

How much does the installed sign weigh?

The sign is 93 lbs.

What are the dimensions of the crate when the sign is packed for shipment?

The crated sign is 145.5" wide x 97.5" high x 7" deep.

What is the weight of the crate when the sign is packed for shipment?

The crated sign weighs 300 pounds, with the crate weighing over 200 pounds.

What remains on the aircraft when the sign is removed?

There are only a few brackets (wing tip, mid wing, fuselage), depending on the aircraft, that remain when the sign is removed.

How many LED are on the sign?

The sign contains 252 LED's.

How long do the LED bulbs last?

The bulbs are rated for 1 million hours.

How are the signs constructed?

The sign tubing is anodized aluminum, the sockets are solid brass and the attachment brackets are nickel plated.

How much power does the sign draw?

At 12 volts, the sign uses 4-6 amps.

Do you support multiple languages?

Yes, we do have the ability to add other languages to the sign system. Please contact us for additional information.

How long does it take to install the sign system?

The average installation time is 1-2 days with a mechanic and helper.

How quickly can the sign be taken off and put back on after initial installation?

It takes about 30 minutes to put it on and take it off.

Sky Sign Marketing

How many signs have you sold?

Throughout our history, we have sold over 400 signs world wide.

How quickly can I get started in aerial marketing?

You can run an aerial marketing business under part 91, allowing you to quickly generate revenue and write-off your aircraft and equipment as valid business expenses.

Do I require a commercial license?

If you are operating in the US and plan to generate income from the use of the Sky Sign system, then yes, you will need your commercial license.

What are some other benefits of night advertising?

The sign can be controlled from the ground or pre-programmed prior to flight, allowing you to provide night training while simultaneously generating advertising income.

How quickly can I get a return on my investment?

We've had operators pay for their equipment in only a few days of advertising. If you know how to sell and market, there is great profit potential.

How long does it take to get a sign system after I place an order?

There is commonly a 4-6 week lead time.

What is the best viewing altitude of the sign?

The best viewing altitude is 1000ft AGL.

Sky Sign Premium Mobile Package

Can I upgrade to the premium mobile package at any time?

Yes, the premium mobile upgrade is a drop-in replacement for the existing laptop running Windows software. You can go back to using the Windows software at any time by reconnecting your previous laptop.

Do you plan to offer your mobile application for the Apple iOS? platform

Yes, once the Android application has matured, we plan to port it over to iOS. There is currently no timeline, however please check back frequently.

Are there any distance limitations for ground to air sign control/communication?

The remote control system requires Internet access in the air and on the ground. At altitudes that are commonly flown, 3G/4G/LTE access is widely available. As long as a communication link exists between the ground device and aircraft, the sign can be controlled from anywhere at any distance.

How secure is the ground to air communication?

The system uses a secure VPN to encrypt all communication between the ground device and aircraft.

What is the purpose of the wireless GPS module?

The wireless GPS module allows access to flight path, altitude, ground speed, auto-triggering of advertisments, etc. It is used for in-app location awareness and statistical reporting only.

Cessna 172

Why are all 172's not included in the STC?

The early 172's were powered with a 145HP Continental engine with no oil cooler. The engine would overheat in slow flight. Cessna was having trouble in normal flight with high heat problems in countries like Australia and this is why they changed to the Lycoming oil cooler engine in 1969 starting with the K model.

What engine do I need in the 172?

The STC reads 150 HP or greater. We have several customers with 172's that have been upgraded to 180 HP or greater. With a more powerful engine, you will acheive a higher VSI climb-out.

Can I use a C/S (constant speed) propeller on my 150HP or 160HP 172?

If you have a 150HP or 160HP 172, we do not recommend using a controllable prop due to possible CG (center of gravity) limits.

How slow can you fly?

We have operators that use a STOL kit, vortex generators and wing dams to achieve speeds around 40 MPH. At this speed you are nose high, hanging on the prop.


What is the operational category with the sign system installed?

The aircraft must be operated in restricted category.

Is there an occupancy limitation with the sign system installed?

Yes, aircraft occupancy is limited to 2 persons.

Are there any airspeed limitations with the sign system installed?

Yes, the maximum airspeed is reduced.