The Technology behind Sky Sign


Our signs are now being built using updated LED technology, which extends the life and lessens the energy cost of your Sky Sign. After working with various international LED designers, we finally have LED's that meet our specifications and outshine our lights of the past.

While the initial cost of LED technology might be higher than traditional bulbs, their longevity, reduced failure rate, and incredibly efficient energy consumption will add up to big savings over time. Only 6 amps are required to light all 252 LEDs on the sign.

The LED controller, electronics, and wiring have all been upgraded to operate our custom LEDs.

This is by far the most advanced design change in the 40 year history of Sky Sign, and we are confident that our investment in this new system design will pay off for our clients for decades to come.


Our new control module and software allows you to control the sign from the ground using a phone or tablet.